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Well, I'm bored. So I'm making my master cosplay list. Because, fuckit I don't even care right now and its something to do. I already took out the garbage so I'm out of stuff to do.

Organized by when they were first debuted.
Mello - Death Note
Pein - Naruto

Hiyori Sarugaki - Bleach
Nice Holystone - Baccano
Viral - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Hiyori Sarugaki (Spoilers Version) - Bleach
Abiru Kobushi - Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei
Bubblehead Nurse - Silent Hill
Two-Face - Batman

Badou Nails - DOGS: Bullets and Carnage
Tieria Erde - Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Poison Ivy - Batman
Canada (Matthew Williams) - Axis Powers Hetalia
Red XIII - Final Fantasy VII
Alessa Gillespie - Silent Hill

Super Sailor Neptune - Sailor Moon
Princess Neptune - Sailor Moon
/x/tan - 4chan Board Tans
Finn - Adventure Time
Amy Pond - Doctor Who (Season 5)
Matryoshka! Gumi - Vocaloids

Haunter - Pokemon Gijinka
Happy Synthesizer! Gumi - Vocaloid
Makoto - Street Fighter

Planned/*In Progress
[On Hold]Lulu - Final Fantasy X
[On Hold]Nurse Joy - Pokemon
Dragon Slayer - Black Rock Shooter
Zell Dincht - Final Fantasy VIII
Scarlet Witch - Avengers

Lady - Devil May Cry 3
Toto "Mockingbird" Sakigami - Deadman Wonderland
Gavrill Madaraki - Franken Fran
Little Sister - Bioshock
Ken Joshima- Katekyo! Hitman Reborn
Byakko - Zone 00
Howl Jenkins - Howl's Moving Castle
Domino - Cable/Deadpool
Jill Valentine - Resident Evil 1
Temari - Naruto
Bad Girl - No More Heroes
Maris Brood - Star Wars
Megara - Disney's Hercules
Wendy Darling - Disney's Peter Pan
Domino - X-Force: Sex and Violence
Hunter - L4D2
Ariel - The Little Mermaid (Walkabout Park Dress)

I have a problem.

Updated: 4-14-10 | 5-25-10 | 8-15-10
10-18-10: Wishlist thinned out to be more realistic
1-22-11: Format changed. Costumes added to Planned/In Progress. Costumes Removed from Wishlist
3-4-11: Nurse Joy and Mokoto added to In Progress. Sakura removed from Wishlist.
5-10-11: Added Zell Dincht to Planned. Added Megara and Wendy Darling to Wishlist.
5-25-11: Moved Megpoid Gumi (Happy Synthesizer) and Haunter to Completed. Removed Daisy, Baiken, and Tira from Wishlist. Added Sex and Violence Domino to Wishlist.
6-6-11: Added Scarlet Witch and Hunter to Wishlist. Moved Dragon Slayer to In Progress.
6-19-11: Moved Scarlet Witch to In Progress. Added Ariel to Wishlist.
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