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Burned Is This House : Alkaline Trio
Burned is the house.
Gone is the street.
Here is the same disappointing retreat.
And I need it like hell if I'd lie to myself
to think I could live that life over again.
Where the cuts were like guilt
and the taste for your eyes
I say, "we're up when I couldn't just say goodnight"
If you cry me a river you can baptize me in
I say, "I guess that's it, now I've fucking seen everything"

You were the first real choice I would make,
but we all make mistakes,

Baby Girl, I'm A Blur : Say Anything
So take what you want from me
And take all I've got from me
You're with me all the time
The drugs can have my mind, love
You own the rest you'll find
And you're with me all the time

On the roof, burning black, the city smoked from the attack
But on the roof, we love the beast to death
With sweat and whiskey breath

Can't Take It : All American Rejects
Come back home, won't you come back home?
You step in line, you got a lot to prove
It comes and goes
Yeah, it comes and goes
A step in time, yeah it's a lot to move
I know this will be temporary
I know this will be temporary
I know this will be, but I've had enough

I can't take it
This welcome is gone and
I've waited long enough to make it
and if you're so strong
you might as well just do it alone
And I'll watch you go

Momentum : The Hush Sound
All we need is a little bit of momentum
Break down these walls that we've built around ourselves
All we need is a little bit of inertia
Break down and tell break down and tell

When You're Around : Motion City Soundtrack
But all I could do was close my eyes
And cross my arms and hope to die
Cause you don't fucking listen
When I'm around.
The least you could do is take it back
All the vicious remarks and verbal attacks
Cause I can't fucking stand it.
When You're Around.

Famous Last Words : My Chemical Romance
Now I know
That I can't make you stay
But where's your heart?
But where's your heart?
But where's your...

And I know
There's nothing I can say
To change that part
To change that part
To change...

I am not afraid to keep on living
I am not afraid to walk this world alone
Honey if you stay, I'll be forgiven
Nothing you can say can stop me going home

Can't Be Saved : Senses Fail
I'm stuck in a coma
Stuck in a never ending sleep
And some day I will wake up
And realize I made up everything

We can all hang ourselves
From gold chandeliers
And drink good bye to all
All the pain and fears
Loose lips have sunk this ship
To a shallow grave
Washed up upon the rocks

I won't be saved
I won't be saved

Embers and Envelopes : Mae
We write to apologize.
We ask to look past life as it goes by.
I know you have sacrificed time,
life, love, time to fly.
Please consider all things trite,
forgiveness will be the thing that gets us by.
I know to have something like this
broken is hard to fix.

Embers, we're burning bridges down.
Oh! Envelopes stuffed with feelings found.
To write this down as means to reconcile.
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